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cid1=cust/ednew/n/bl/n/2017076n/owned/n/n/nwl/n/n/na/44954/n Deterrence worked with USSR & PRC for decades.It's time to start negotiating peace treaty talks & establish diplomatic relations with NK instead of getting closer to self fulfilled prophecy of war to the last Korean & many Japanese & Chinese.The Kim family has always wanted to see Korea united and under their rule. Col is no mean grade but the line does not run from CO 49th Ballistic Missile defense battalion, Fort Greeley, AK to three our four stars at the lofty Pentagon. Were the 49th Ballistic Missile Battalion vital to the US Army it would probably be commanded by an regular US Army officer (not a National Guard officer), Command would be rotated every three years, and the position sought by career officers for it's career possibilities."It is ironic that many of those that ridiculed Reagan's missile defense initiative are the same now calling for missile defense to be developed." - Art Thomas Prove that statement. What may we expect from our vaunted Ballistic Missile Defenses at Fort Greeley? Under any circumstances warhead / decoy Number 27 hits. Until the cost of stopping 100% of all ballistic missiles is far cheaper than building more ICBMs Ballistic Missile Defense is a loser.But if deterrence is to be effective, America’s threats must be credible.So Mr Trump must stop making promises he is not ready or able to honour—promises like stopping North Korea from developing an ICBM." economist.com/news/leaders/21724811-it-can-deter-pyongyangs-despot-using-them-america-cannot-stop-north-korea-building?We decided to wait for the Hermit Kingdom to come to terms, especially on trade.After waiting for nothing US forces withdrew on 3 July 1871.

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That includes developing the ability to threaten the USA as the USA has threatened it for the last 68 years. On May 16, 1871 a US Navy fleet left Nagasaki, Japan, to invade Korea. The purpose was to reprimand the "last outstanding scoffer at Western civilization." The invasion was most destructive with three US dead, and five forts destroyed with perhaps 650 Korean casualties.

So ended America's First (and forgotten) Korean War.

Informative comments, as usual, but I think that your basic point that "ballistic missile defense is a loser" applies only to our current versions of it.

The problem is American arrogance toward all Asians, who are also cousins of the Native Americans.

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Their lives are worth even less than those of the ancestors of today's African Americans who, unlike the former, allowed themselves to be enslaved for 150 years. ) orbiting in South Korean airspace and at high altitude sounds appealing, but locating the ICBMs amidst an opening salvo of SCUDs or other, shorter-range missiles, isn't a problem with an easy solution either.

North Korea has launched four new ballistic missile types in the past two years: the Hwasong-10 IRBM, Bukkeukseong-2 MRBM, Hwasong-12 IRBM and now, Hwasong-14 ICBM (pictured): Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Register now for free access to "North Korea’s ICBM Test Renews Calls For Space-Based Kill Layer" and other premium content selected daily by our editors. We have wasted far too much time as it is listening to this Father and Son tag-team-terrorists "Wow" us with their insane threats and sudden, overnight progress.! Sensors are working with light speed so their orbit of 36000 kilometres is perfectly suited.